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Vocational Guidance

Information, advice and assistance with career choices can be obtained from:

  • Australian Career Information Register (ACIR) is a computerised database which provides extensive information on jobs and training available through Australian Universities and TAFE colleges.
  • VICTORIAN SKILLS GATEWAY provides information on education and training programs
  • Career counselling sections of most T.A.F.E. colleges and universities
  • CENTRE FOR ADULT EDUCATION (CAE) - career counselling for enrolled students 
  • Career advisors at Schools

Psychologists at CENTRELINK can provide counselling, assessment and consultation to help people improve their employment prospects. Psychologists can also help people experiencing difficulties such as; making decisions about the kind of work they can do; getting and keeping jobs; coping with unemployment; interpersonal problems; lack of confidence or self esteem; anxiety, depression, trauma, stress or tension; managing a physical or intellectual disability. An appointment can be arranged through CENTRELINK.

Private psychologists also provide these services. Search psychologists in the directory, or contact the AUSTRALIAN PSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY for referral to a practitioner specialising in this area.

CENTRELINK'S Student and Trainees Services provide advice and assistance on matters affecting young people aged 16-23 including employment, education and training, money, accommodation, legal and health issues

Combine practical work with structured training to provide a nationally recognised qualification and the experience needed to get a job

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